In 2015, Andreas Gebhard decided to found a new, additional company. He wanted to create a new basis for all the inspired ideas, concepts and projects that had previously been put on ice, quietly shelved or not taken seriously.
Creator Broker Owner GmbH (CBO), which was founded in August 2015, is a concentrated expression of Andreas’s ideas and activities not covered by re:publica or newthinking communications GmbH. CBO Creator Broker Owner GmbH operates in three distinct areas:

Company founding and shareholding

Creator Broker Owner GmbH regularly invests in young companies and helps them to create and develop their business models.

The two GmbHs (LLCs) Timecall und care2share, both founded in 2015, were among the first companies that CBO invested in. Timecall provides an app-based tool that allows experts from all industries and businesses to offer advice via direct-payment telephone calls. By way of contrast, care2share delivers high-quality cosmetic products for day-to-day use and donates a fixed proportion of the proceeds to local social projects.

Consulting, talks and workshops

Creator Broker Owner GmbH advises companies and institutions on the implementation of digitisation strategies.

The advisory service portfolio focuses mainly on change management and format development, creative and social entrepreneurship, start-ups, and open source and digital society. By providing keynotes, presentations, articles and workshops, and by linking ideas and networks, CBO offers a creative approach to meeting the challenges of a digital society.

Implementation of its own project ideas

Creator Broker Owner GmbH initiates and organises projects for and with the creative industry.

One of its first own projects was the close collaboration with active players from the creative scene in Thessaloniki. Among the events was NO DRESS – ANIMUS PERDITUS, an exhibition organised jointly with designer and interior architect Sofia Kokinis during the Berlin Fashion Week 2016.

The name
 Creator Broker Owner GmbH is based on an interview with Prof. Peter Kruse on the subject of creativity. In the interview, he characterises the roles of Creator, Broker and Owner as participants in a network who can only promote innovation and creativity if they work together.

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