Together with architect and designer, Sophia Kokinis, CBO showcased the NO DRESS – ANIMUS PERDITUS exhibition at the Fata Morgana gallery in Berlin Mitte during Berlin Fashion Week 2016. Here you can find Pictures of this great evening.

Animus Perditus

Animus Perditus meaning Lost Souls in Latin is inspired by the story of the animal-like characters that surface during the pagan rituals of the Balkan traditions in early February and March. The Babugeri, Kukeri and Kodonofori are all half human, half animal characters who appear in rituals taking place in locations across the Balkans.

Stories say that the purpose of these ‘monsters’ is to wake mother nature with the deafening sound of their bells in order for her to bring fertility, new life, light and growth (spring time) and to also chase away souls that were trapped between life and death and were thought to bring fear, darkness, death and bad to the living (aka the dark, cold winter months were directly related to death).

The aesthetics of the pieces take inspiration from characters found in Balkan pagan traditions and rituals which still exist and take place in present times, emphasizing on the fact that some traditions have managed to survive the modern ways of life and co-exist with them. So, in order to marry the old with the new in her work the artist introduces a modern view on traditionalism .

The skill and beauty of traditional production methods are being swallowed up by the modern way of life. In an attempt to remind the viewer of our roots, our starting points and our magical past, the artist creates hung pieces of art using hand crafted machinery such as weaving frames and looms and abstract portraits on canvas. She works with materials such as wool, wood, leather, gauze, cotton and threads.

The accompanying sound has been curated by active music producers from Thessaloniki, specializing in avant garde and experimental music by using traditional and modern means of production. The source of inspiration is their own perception of the artist’s take on the theme in association with traditional songs, music and sounds one may hear in the aforementioned rituals.

About the artist

SOPHIA KOKINIS is an industrial design engineer with postgraduate studies in interior architecture and design. Her career started at a young age working for an independent studio where she did hand painted artwork on fabrics, she later moved to the United Kingdom to further her studies and after working as a store designer for international companies based in London, she decided to relocate and concentrate on freelancing and creating pieces of design and light installations that held the form of art using materials in situations that were least expected.
Coming from a dual nationality family she finds inspiration in combining situations, materials and stories that are never expected to co-exist in normal environments. She currently resides in Thessaloniki.