The idea behind care2share is pretty simple: using the principles of a market economy to create added social value. Therefore the company trades with high-quality toiletries and household care products.
A fixed proportion of the proceeds from every sold bottle is donated to local social projects; in this way initiatives that work with socially disadvantaged people can be supported constantly. This mechanism means a small additional amount for everyone, but it helps achieving big goals.

Currently the company supports the Street College in Berlin with the resources of the successfully finished crowdfunding campaign and the first amount of soap bottles.

care2share GmbH works transparently, as reliable partners and rely on sustainable solutions: refill- and subscription-concepts will be part of the business model in future. Next to care and share also fair and visionary count to their principles.

Creator Broker Owner GmbH invests in care2share and supported them in founding the company in September 2015. Together with Sebastian Basedow, Mark Müller and Stefanie Klein, we want to encourage people to be aware of their consumption of fast moving consumer goods and to help others every time washing hands or doing the dishes. This soap is not only good for you, but for others too.