(English) Founders Studio at re:publica 2017 – Stand F03

So, what do you do? As co-founder and CEO of re:publica, I never ceased to be amazed at how far we’ve come and how much we’ve progressed from year to year. I’m so, so happy to welcome you all here today. Every re:publica participant has instant access to thousands of impressions, hundreds of encounters, and dozens of ideas that they can use to create new things to call their own. It’s no different for me. I also develop new ideas and projects year upon year, often accompanying projects and supporting companies in the process. I speak in front of small and large groups of people about a digital society and advise customers and business partners on digitalization. I focus all of my work into my company: Creator Broker Owner. Visit our Founders Studio at stand F03! Hugs!

Test customers wanted for employee participation system

There is NO commercially oriented profit-sharing mechanism that is dynamic, fair and transparent. COEM delivers the tools and strategies necessary when founding a venture and working in groups, and for incentive programs. There are three cornerstones: Legal (shareholder agreements), Algorithms (system that evaluates each participation) & Tech (encrypted, transparent & open-source). People should work together and earn fair profits from their common projects, which should be based on an ongoing agreement as to the value of each member’s contributions. Creator Broker Owner is co-founder of COEM. Meet us at stand F03 and become a test client!

Try out our products – care2share and DENTTABS combine forces

care2share combines the culture of sharing with the consumption of everyday goods – in this case high-quality toiletries and household care products. Test our vegan liquid soap with all-natural ingredients at all re:publica washrooms! care2share has now combined forces with DENTTABS: the best possible dental care using the fewest chemical ingredients. This was the original idea behind the development of DENTTABS teeth cleaning tablets. DENTTABS is shaking up the dental hygiene market with its great customer base and visionary product, and is a perfect partner for care2share. Get to know more about our new partnership and clean your teeth with DENTTABS at Stand F03! Creator Broker Owner is co-founder of care2share.

Visit Thessaloniki and network with Octopus.Garden

Leaders of Berlin’s cultural and creative scene have announced the launch of Octopus.Garden, a start-up based in Thessaloniki, Greece, and inspired by the famous Beatles song. The initiators aim to engage with the creative economy on-site to support a cultural and economic exchange with Berlin and to develop the potential of this Greek port city: its liveliness and its openness, much of which it has in common with Berlin. We are a partner of re:publica Thessaloniki (11 – 13 September, 2017). Together with our partner MEER-SEEN, we are offering boat trips around Thessaloniki! Get in touch with the awesome Octopus.Garden team to find out more. Creator Broker Owner is co-founder of Octopus.Garden.

Let’s talk about Berlin’s future!

25 years after the fall of the wall, Berlin needs to build on the experience gained with »Twenty Years Without A Wall« and continue the dialogue on political and civic responsibility: a dialogue about the city’s future and urban strategy. The goal of the #BerlinForum is to develop such
a strategy (vision and focus) with political and civic support as a new approach towards finding common ground and keeping the dialogue going and paving the way for decisive action by the respective commissions. The #BerlinForum is an initiative of Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, where
Andreas Gebhard is a committee member. Together with additional members, Andreas Gebhard will present the initiative, its planned future events and will be available for a Q&A. Stage 3, Tuesday 9 May 2017 from 10.30 am to 11.00 am.

Entrepreneurial Organizations: Prototyping the future.

Today the business context is changing faster than ever before in the past 100 years. Therefore, companies are pressured to transform or doomed to fail. That’s why “digital transformation” is the buzzword of our decade. But the question is: where to transform to? In order to cope with this changing context organizations need an overarching aim for their transformation efforts. Our vision is: Organizations today have to become entrepreneurial. They need to be change drivers and not change takers, they need to create value and not just manage it & they need to build enabling structures instead of relying on hierarchies. Together with you we will work on the concept of an entrepreneurial organization. Discuss with us guiding principles and the purpose of business. We will build a physical prototype that represents this concept and leverage the collective intelligence of re:publica. Journey 2 Creation is a Berlin based innovation agency with partners around the globe. We accompany organizations throughout their unique journeys of transformation and self-cultivation, by helping companies to deal with the rising complexity and speed in the modern social and business context. Come anytime or join for one of our workshops (30 min): Monday and Tuesday 12pm / 2pm / 4pm