(English) Join! World Mattress Day june 9th 2017

On june 9th 2017 all mattress lovers on planet earth are celebrating the first WORLD MATTRESS DAY! Join us for a day full of fun, fleece & festivals!

We live a large part our life on a mattress but when are we thinking about it? What is our relation to it and how others deal with it. At World Mattress Day we want to focus on all related issues and burst out loud: let the mattress be with you!

You can do your own event on all mattress related issues. If you like to be part of our roster: june9th@worldmattressday.com

World Mattress Day is always on june 9th!

Everybody who likes to celebrate the mattress.


Us #worldmattressday for your local, public, privat actions!

Who started World Mattress Day?
Mattresses of Berlin – https://www.instagram.com/mattressesofberlin/
Idea: Andreas Gebhard – www.andreasgebhard.net
Art director: Norman Palm – http://www.torstrassenfestival.de/norman-palm/
Berlin action – Creator Broker Owner – http://www.cbo.berlin/

In Berlin we do a nice Symposium at june 9th on mattress topics + an exhibition by Mattresses of Berlin

Indeed? the question is: Why it did not happen before!